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how to make lahmacun
« : 27 Ocak 2008, 12:10:42 »
Lahmacun is most prominently made and sold in Turkey and Armenia, where there are many restaurants that cater solely to lahmacun - these are called lahmacun salonu in Turkey and lahmacuanots in Armenia. It can also be found in countries with sizeable Turkish and Armenian communities, like Cyprus. In Canada, there are Armenian restaurants specializing in lahmacun. In many German restaurants that sell kebab, lahmacun is usually filled with vegetables like lettuce, red cabbage, onions and others and topped off with kebab meat and a sauce (usually spicy on a tomato base or mild on a yoghurt base); it is then rolled into a tube to be eaten right away.

The Turkish cities of Şanlıurfa[5][6] (also known as Urfa) and Gaziantep[7][8][9] (also known as Antep) are particularly famous for their lahmacun, also representing the two different Turkish styles of making it. The Urfa-style lahmacun has onion among its ingredients, while the Antep-style lahmacun has garlic instead.

Recipe / Ingredients
For 4 servings

75g lamb meat
Four thinly chopped onions
One tomato
One tablespoon of paprika sauce
Ten leaves of parsley
Salt, black pepper, capsicum[10][11]

Raw minced meat (should be minced by knife instead of machine to get a better texture), extremely thin chopped onion, chopped tomato, paprika sauce, chopped parsley, butter, salt, pepper and capsicum are mixed. Salt, pepper and capsicum are added as the cooker wishes.

Risen bread dough is divided into hickory-nut sized pieces. They are processed using an oklava, a tool to make dough thinner. Flour is recommended to be used along with the oklava. After the dough is thin enough, the previously mentioned mixture (salt, pepper, and capsicum) is distributed over the dough. It should be cooked in a stone oven for a richer taste.

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