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Oldest Building in The World
« : 02 Ocak 2009, 09:35:06 »
Oldest Building

A small square temple, built by the Sumerian king Aannipadda, of Ur, about 4500 B. C., is the oldest building in the world still standing above ground, according to a report from Dr. C. Leonard Woolley, director of the joint expedition of the British Museum and the University of Pennsylvania Museum, which is excavating in the region of Ur in lower Babylonia (TiME, April 28, July 9, Dec. 31). The temple, located at Tell el Obeid, four miles from Ur, was first unearthed some months ago, but its excavation has now been completed, carrying back the known history of Sumeria a thousand years into legendary ages. With an age of over 6,000 years, the temple is almost twice as old as the relics of King TutankhAmen. The finds included :

1) A small gold scaraboid bead, inscribed with the name and title of King Aannipadda.

2) A broad flight of stone steps leading to a platform 20 feet high, on one corner of which stood the temple proper.

3) A row of statues of bulls, three feet high, made of thin copper plates over a wooden core. Their horns were of gold.

4) Friezes oi cattle lying down and of pastoral scenes carved in various materials.

5) Two columns 10 feet high encrusted with mosaic work and mother- of-pearl.


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